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The appeal To the one who has reached top of financial power

Предложение Опубликовано: 13.03.2010 | Срок на 3 месяца | Прочтений: 1111

The appeal
To the one who has reached top of financial power.
Than you would not be engaged: commerce or business, and can be already by travels, collecting or charity.
The hour has punched! You ask: as still it is possible to use
the saved riches? And I shall answer:
It is possible to force the world to speak about itself some time.
A problem how to find something outstanding, that can relieve of death Your name?
Of attempts of search Atlantis was undertaken and The set is undertaken. Many applicants aspire toyour glory! Them was not lucky. Searched and search " under a lantern "
- mostly in Atlantic.
By me Vladimir M. Amelchenko was open
Atlantis in former in an antiquity "impasse" of the Atlantic ocean
- By the Average Caspian sea. (Detail of opening on a site "The forgotten Russian history ", in four my books on a history, study of region and ancient geography). In them are assembled numerous and different sciences the "overland" proofs of the validity of opening.
All is strictly proved and is checked on mathematical balance models of the seas of the ancient Caspian sea, lake Gelios, Hvalynski sea, Azov and Black seas. Is confirmed by conclusions of the geologists on the Caspian sea and Volga, underwater card of the geologists for Northern and Average Caspian sea.
And besides is planned and prepares sea underwater
Expedition to middle of the Average Caspian sea to the lost city Poseydonis - Capital Atlantis.
Having tasted fruits of riches and authority, it is time to think of glory. As to buy ? Yes, simply to buy!
" It is necessary to create expedition from the ships of all nations
for research of the Atlantic ocean to find sacred
Ground, in which the common ancestors of most ancient nations of Europe sleep, and Africa, Asia and America ". This opinion Roge Devin from the book
in French " The Missed continent. Atlantis, sixth Part of light ".
In our case the task is much easier, as
to survey not immense ocean with multikilometer is necessary By depths, and site small, in detail investigated by the geologists, internal sea with depths about fifty meters.
Opening Atlantis is only beginning!
And collection from depths of the sea! All unique most ancient things
Immeasurable value. A not bad premise for the capital! And glory, glory...!
And romanticism of sea underwater expedition for search
Atlantis! And ambitious dreams - present: you new Kolumb
in searches not of fantastic India, and quite real Eldorado,
Filled by treasures and museum exhibits.
With the first successes of expedition in search of traces lost
The civilizations can expect and for the international help. Lets publish the hot appeal in MASS-MEDIA of the different countries with an appeal to all mankind to help expedition" in a name of a science".
Such first successes and conclusive traces
Atlantis I can be: structures with walls from black,
white and red stones, huge metal rings - walls
around of the central island and earthen rings of city. To not find them it is simply impossible!
The extraordinary sensation waits for us at opening ruins of a temple
Poseydon with vast library from bronze polished
plates with the etched inscriptions.
Atlantis gradually will open the secrets: temples, pyramid,
statues and houses, bronze weapon and ornaments, ornament
structures from precious metals and from biven of the elephants, utensils, ancient ceramics, uncountable quantity"of the bronze books" atlantian and scientific devices.Will involve the world attention and international
conference from representatives of political elite and scientific world about section of most valuable collections archaeologian in with your participation. Special question on the central nucleus
material archaeologia. In dispute between Europe, America and Russia will be Your opinion is taken into account also. are coming joyful efforts at organization and construction of the International museum Atlantis.
And organization of the International institute on study
Atlantis. Present solemn opening it and yours
Speech on this opening.
The duplicates of finds archaeologian for certain will be
are claimed by museums of the world: in Moscow, Paris, Berlin,
London, New York, Tokyo and Pekin.
Glory and multiplication of the capital to you are supplied!
Vladimir M. Amelchenko. Eysk, Russian Federation, December 2009 The author of opening, from a public: initiative
Group, Astrakhan cultural centre.

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